5 Common Types of Lumber

The success of any project that involves lumber depends primarily on usage of the right kind of wood for the project. Picking the wrong lumber can have a disastrous effect.Suppliers like Woodspec suggest the right kind of lumber suitable for various woodworking projects. You also need to be aware of the various types of lumber that are available.

Softwood and Hardwood

There are basically two types of wood – softwood and hardwood. And both have very different uses.Hardwood is primarily derived from deciduous trees -these are trees that shed their leaves,while softwood comes from evergreens or coniferous trees.

Softwood Lumber

  1. Pine Lumber

This tree is abundant and relatively cheap when compared with other kinds of lumber. Pine is primarily used in construction and also in furniture.

There are three types of pine lumberthat are widely favored.They are Southern yellow pine, White pine and Blue pine. All three of them have different uses. They are used for construction projects or by craftsmen for their art.

  1. Poplar Lumber

This is classified as a softwood at times and hardwood at others. This wood is known as the hardest of all the softwoods. It is popularly used for manufacturing cabinets. The reason as to why it is preferred is because it can masquerade as cherry or oak, which is one of the most expensive hardwoods.

  1. Cedar Lumber

This wood is excellent for both outdoor as well as indoor projects. Primarily there are two key types of cedar lumber.

Northern White Cedar:This is naturally resistant to rotting and bugs. The woodhas a wide range of uses.They are used in decks, panels for fencing, shingles, saunas, outdoor furniture and marine uses like ships and boats. It is resistant to water and doesn’t crack or split.

Red Cedar:This is one of the most durable kinds of lumber.It has that subtle aroma of cedar. It is used in making of furniture, shingles, decks, fences, cedar chests and outdoor projects.

Hardwood Lumber

  1. Oak Lumber

One of the hardest of all the hardwood happens to be oak. There are two popular oak lumbers: red and white oak lumber. Though they might look similar, they are quite different from each other.

As the red oaks grow much more quickly than the white oaks, the lumber made from them is inexpensive when compared to the other.

  1. Birch Lumber

This is a very beautiful form of wood and is very pleasant to work with. Birch is also reasonably priced. The wood shrinks about 16 percent as it dries. Once dried, it has wide variety of uses.This would include cabinet making and high-end furniture.

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