7 Day candles for better life

7 is indeed the most popular number that is lucky for the most number of people. There are 7 colors in the rainbow, there are 7 musical notes, and there are 7 day candles which you can light in your home or office to guard your place against dark spirits, and increase your business profit, wealth and success. These 7 day candles represent different aspects of your daily life. If you are looking to buy these candles, then you can visit www.wisdomproducts.com to buy them online. Mentioned below are some of the interpretations of these candles which will help you in understanding the good signs and bad signs of your life.

Top glass of the candle is black: If the top glass of your candle becomes black that means, there is some negative energy around you which is causing Envy, Roadblocks, and negativity in your life.

Black smoke while lighting candle: If your candle emits black smoke from its flame that means, your environment has lots of negativity or bad spirits. You can simple your surroundings with holy water.

Flame goes out during spell: If the flame goes out during a spell, which means the spirits that were assisting you have fought off and need another spell to fight against your enemy or bad spirits.

When candle turns itself on: If the candle turns on by itself, that means anything good or bad is coming your way. The guardian spirits will help you face that thing.

When a candle burns out before 7 days: If the candle burns out before 7 days, that means that there is some negativity around you and it is stronger than your spell. You can use other spells or combination of spells to remove the negativity around you. There are certain times when single spell could not do it for you and you would be required to use another spell.

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