Maintaining Vertical Blinds

If you’re a home owner you definitely want your things to be in great shape like your vertical blinds for example. Although these blinds have a simple design with easy maneuver functionalities for the vertical slats, sometimes you may encounter a few problems with your vertical blinds along the way. It is best to know exactly how to keep your blinds in optimum shape as much as possible if you are planning on keeping them for a long period of time.

Some people might think that having a vertical blind as a window covering may be a lot of hard work when it comes to maintaining it but believe me as you get used to cleaning these blinds you will find the work much less daunting than it used to be.

Cleaning your blinds:

When it comes to cleaning your vertical blinds make sure to use the appropriate method depending on the type of material your blinds are made up of.

  • Wooden vertical blinds: With these types of blinds avoid the use of water as much as possible since water on wood would damage the material’s quality, the water could warp and distort the look of your wooden slats and you don’t want that hanging on your home windows.
  • Plastic vertical blinds: You can simply use cloth to wipe away any dust build-up on certain areas of your blinds and you can use water or any gentle type of liquid to wipe away any annoying stains on your blinds.
  • Vinyl Blinds: You can use cotton like cloth dipped with a mixture of ammonia and water solution and wipe away any dust particles with it.

Other things facts that you should know about to help with the maintenance

  • Broken slats: When the slats break off its tip and it won’t hang on to the window anymore you could just punch new holes on the bottom tip of the slats and hang it to the bar that holds your slats together or you could replace it with a new slat.
  • Stripped Master Gear: If you are too harsh in maneuvering your slats you could possibly strip the master gear so is careful when it comes to handling them.
  • Non-turning slat: This is the type of problem that involve single slats not moving together with the rest of the other slats this could be the result of a broken head that holds up the slats or the gear this type of problem might need some replacement of those broken parts.

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