Points to ponder while buying a solar power inverter for your solar grid

Solar power inverter is the main part that affects the working of your solar power grid. As without DC to AC conversion the electric appliances are unable to use the electricity produced, so a solar power inverter plays an important role in your solar power grid. Before buying a solar power inverter you have to know about the types of the solar power grid as according to these you need a solar power inverter.

Types of solar power systems

There are three main types of solar power systems:

Off-the-grid solar power system: These solar power systems are best used when you need to run all the power appliances with your solar power grid only. These are the heaviest kind of solar systems used in the industries or institute to fulfill the larger power need.

Solar power inverter to be used with off-the-grid solar power solar system should be strong enough to strongly hold the power conversion conversion need.

Grid-tied solar power system: These solar power grids need electricity when they start converting the solar energy to electric energy. This electricity is supplied to trigger the conversion and once the conversion is initiated, then it do not need any more electric power.

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These kind solar power system need a bidirectional flow of electric current so need a bidirectional solar inverter. The bidirectional inverter helps in a bidirectional flow of control and change it according to its direction of flow. It changes AC to DC when the power grid needs current while the conversion simply takes place when the solar power grid in producing electricity.

Hybrid solar power system: these kind of the solar power grids is developed by mixing technology of both the off-the-grid as well as the Grid tied solar power systems.

These needs heavy bidirectional solar power inverter.

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