Preparing For Moving In Bad Weather

You have planned for months but in the last few days before the big move, you receive some bad news of a snowstorm or hurricane on the same day. Unfortunately, this is a huge possibility even during summer. A lot of rainfall or even just extreme heat can hamper the conditions of your move, so you need to take this into consideration long before your move.

What to Do To Be Ready

Unfortunately, no one can control or predict the weather on your moving day, so you just need to prepare for the eventuality of bad weather. Knowing when you will move will already narrow down what you have to prepare for. When moving during summer, you need to be ready for extreme heat and humidity or even for rain. In wintertime, you need to watch out for winter storms and extremely low temperatures. You may check out the forecast as the latest weather apps can provide early predictions. Even if the conditions may change, you still have some idea what the day would be like and prepare accordingly.

One of the things you do to prepare is to discuss a backup date for moving with the company so that you have some flexibility. You also need to coordinate with your utility provider for your new home to make sure that there will be electricity, heat or air conditioning in the new place.

During extremely hot and sunny days, you need to prepare some sunscreen, a hat and lots of water for your movers. When it is raining, having a rain jacket or poncho will be useful for those who need to move around outside. Winter gloves and hand warmers are a must when moving during winter.

When it comes to your belongings, proper precautions should also be made to protect them from damage. The most important thing is to keep them safe from water damage, which can not only destroy your electronic items, it can also ruin your mattresses, books, and furniture as well. Packing them in waterproof bags is one good step and for larger items, using waterproof bags or plastic wrap can help. Your moving company might also be able to wrap them professionally to provide more protection. When in doubt, you may discuss options on how to keep your things dry with your mover.

The Right Transportation Matters

In extreme conditions like cold weather, it is very important to have vehicles that are equipped for the temperature. Make sure the truck is in top condition, which is why hiring a reputable company is necessary. Discuss with the moving service company what routes are best to take to lessen the risk of road accidents on the day itself. Choosing main highways is better during a snowstorm because they will be cleared of ice and snow immediately.

When you pack up and arrive at the new house, you should also be prepared with a shovel and salt to make sure your movers will not be slipping all over the place while carrying your things.

Other Tips

If you are moving on a rainy or snowy day, you should also take into consideration that the floors of your old and new house might get wet. If it gets exposed to a lot of water, some damage might also occur. You should consider putting rags or towels on the front door and the entryway. A waterproof tarp is best, to also cover areas where you might be putting down wet boxes.

When choosing the best moving company, it is completely possible to change your moving date with the mover without paying anything extra, you might still have to push through even though there is some rain or snow. Knowing how to prepare properly and deal with these situations will ensure a headache-free and smooth move, whatever the weather.

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