Repair parts to fix your boat

Cobra is a nationwide marine company which sells and repairs various parts of your broken boat. Boats are expensive, yet best for water travel. Many enthusiasts would love to travel from one place to another with the help of water ways. These boats are very popular in many islands. But these expensive boats do get broken sometimes and need repair. Buying the new broken parts can cause you a big chunk of money and this is why most of the boat owners prefer to use OMC Cobra outdrive repair parts to fix their boat and make it functional again. Mentioned below are some of the OMC repair parts that you can buy.

Lower Unit Exploded View

OMC Propellers: Propellers are the ones which are responsible for providing forward as well as backward direction to your boat. These propellers remain inside the water and get damaged very slowly. Mostly these propellers are made using steel, but their blades do get damaged very slowly. The debris, rock and other waste materials present in water damage the blades of these propellers. So an OMC propeller would do it for you and will make your boat fully functional once again.

Water pumps: Water pumps are used to keep the engine cool by circulating water around the engine. These water pumps supply the water all around the engine to keep it cool. But sometimes with debris and other things these pumps do get blocked or damage and stop pumping the water. In such case, it is best to either repair them or replace them with a used water pump.


Exhaust Manuals: Exhaust manuals are used to remove combustion gases from your engine which are produced when fuel is burnt inside the engine. Sometimes, these exhaust manuals do get damaged which leads to leakage of smoke in your boat. So, it is best to replace them.

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