Some of the Most Common Mistakes While Drilling

Are you trying to use drilling machine for the first time? There are certain mistakes that most of the inexperienced people often commit which result in either bad job or damage to the drill bits. Also, drilling machine needs certain settings for torque and hammer for certain kinds of jobs. People who are regular users of drill machine will never make any mistake in the setting, but those who do use it regularly can make a mistake.

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Let us now discuss about few common mistakes that users of drill often make:

1. Hammer Setting

You must know where you really need hammer setting. In case, you are trying to drill on wood, tile or steel then there is no need of any drill hammer setting. In case, you try to do then you will damage the drill bit. Only if you are drilling on masonry item then you need hammer setting.

2. Choosing wrong type of drill bits

Most of the inexperienced users of drill often choose wrong type of drill bit. If you want to drill on masonry, stone, asphalt or any abrasive blocks then using steel or metal drill bit may damage them. There are few drill bits for all purpose, which will be a better choice. However, if you use such all-purpose drill on masonry then you cannot use them on steel, aluminum, plastic or wooden material. Therefore, always check your drill bit before using it.

3. Speed setting wrong

If your drill bit is larger then use lower setting of speed and with small sized drill bits faster speed is recommended.

4. Too much or too little pressure

By applying too much pressure you may break the drill bit while with too little pressure you will end up skating the surface instead of drilling. The speed and pressure are interrelated. Lower the speed; the more pressure should be applied.

5. Piloting

If you are drilling using smaller bit on steel or wood then you need to pilot otherwise it may split when you use woodscrew. Masonry or tiles do not need piloting.

6. Use of lubricant

If you are drilling on metals then you need to use lubricant otherwise there are chances of heating. If you do not use lubricant then the life of your drill bit will reduce. Lubricant may be water or oil.

7. Need patience

You should not be in hurry while drilling. Particularly if you are drilling larger holes then first you need to drill smaller hole to mark the position and thereafter use larger diameter drill bit.

8. Having drill on reverse

Quite often many experienced technicians also do this mistake. Nutty DIY will always advice you to make sure that drill bit is spinning towards right. However, if you are using left handed drill bit then it will be a different case.

9. Avoid covering the job while drilling

When you are drilling then the drilling machine must remain well ventilated. If you try to cover the area then there is a chance that it will heat up the motor coil and damage your drilling machine.

10. Not cleaning the tool

Always clean the drill bit and chuck after their use in order to main long life of your drill machines.

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