The Best New Home Improvement Trends Of 2017

When it comes to making your home look fabulous, you may have no idea where to start. So many things look fantastic online, but getting that perfect look doesn’t always seem as easy to do in your home. Today we are going to share with you some of the best new home improvement trends that are so easy to do you can rest assured your finished job will look like it should be in a home decor magazine.

Barn-Style Doors

These rustic inspired doors are making their way into the most expensive condos. As homeowners enjoy the cozy and simple look of barn-style doors they’re making them a must in bedrooms, bathrooms, and all over the home. These easy to slide doors can create the perfect change that will give your room a splash of comfort and old-time rustic. You can visit get inspiration for how these doors will fit into your home design.

Going Green

No, we are not talking about environmentally-friendly designs, but you should be doing that too. Green is the new color that is sweeping the home decor industry in 2017. From light shades of lime to powerful shades of emerald, green is the newest way to keep your home hip and trendy for the upcoming year.

Tropical Pattern Accents

Tropical patterns are the new in style design. If you dare, you can install patterned wallpaper and bedspreads. For those who aren’t invested in making a complete switch to the tropical pattern, you can always use tropical patterned accents. For example, your couch is something you will be keeping for a long time, so going with a plain color can be the ideal winner. Integrate the tropical print through new accent pills. This will give you the spicy of trendy with a safe investment in your furniture.

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Texture Is Key

To make your home more inviting it’s a new trend to add some texture. This can be done through furniture and other interior pieces. Mixing fabric textures, brushing metals, and including various light fixtures can provide you with a much-needed contrast of texture. Throwing a simple blanket of a different texture over a chair is so easy and gives that two-dimensional look.

Brass And Marble

Bathrooms and kitchens are being crafted with the natural look of simplistic marble and the bold industrious look of brass. These two materials play well off of each other and provide the perfect glamorized look with a hint of plain. This combination of brass and marble screams trendy and modern all at the same time.

Artisan-Crafted Furniture

Trendy individuals are reinvesting in quality furniture and other pieces for their homes that are handcrafted. The DIY atmosphere has shifted to the artisan era. These furniture pieces are hand-crafted to present the utmost beauty of the designer. While not all artisan styles may mess with your own, we are sure you will be able to find just the right pieces if you take the time to find them.

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