The Hidden Fees of Emergency Plumbers in Toronto

You never know when you need to call for a quick plumber, as a home pipe bursts or begins to leak. And you have to do it, since no one wants to face the aftermath of damaged furniture, surfaces and carpets, not to mention that flooding may be impossible to stop. While Toronto has no shortage of reliable and professional plumbing services, it is helpful to know what to expect of their pricing scheme when you are in need of urgent repairs.

The hourly rate can double

This happens during weekends but also in case of holidays. If you’re unlucky to have a home pipe or drain incident during a day that should normally be free, professionals will definitely charge more – maybe not always double the hourly rate, but that can happen, too.

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Flat rates for emergencies

Because urgent work may be drastically different from regular work, an emergency plumber Toronto may charge a flat rate for the service instead of pricing it based on the usual hourly rate. You need to ask beforehand to know what to expect.

Tools and materials

Besides the cost for the service, the client might have to pay for the tools acquired for the job, if it happens to require anything special for the job at hand. The same goes for the materials employed by the emergency plumber.

Work that’s not being watch

It’s easy for a dishonest plumber to tell the client that they accomplished more than they actually did. Do your best to be present and watch them do their job. When you witness the process, it becomes hard  for them to charge extra for work they didn’t do.

No extra fees?

Is it possible to have no extra fees in Toronto? Yes – there are emergency plumbing services that specify it. Some of these specify they won’t charge you any extra for overtime. Also, as mentioned above, you need to do your part and ask questions, as well as watch what is being done to fix the issue. It is not possible, however, to dodge all the extra fees. Regular plumbing hours are decently priced, but urgency cannot be handled at the same level.

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