What is under-floor heating system?

Under floor heating is one of the aspects you should focus on, while installing a wooden floor. Underfloor heating is of two types, electrical matting systems and hot water pipe systems.

Electrical matting system is popular in various parts of the world. In these cases, the hardwood flooring is placed directly on the matting. A thermostat is used to wire the flooring. It is necessary to ensure a uniform heat distribution in these systems, as certain areas of the floor may get heated faster than other areas. This can cause certain problems in the flooring, such as de-lamination.

The hot water piping system is similar to the central heating system. The pipes are housed with a screed. Before the floor is fitted, you need to check all the screeds, ensuring that the relative humidity of the concrete is 75%, or lower than that. Drilling the screed is an effective way to install them. Then the plastic plugs are inserted in the system. You can take the readings after 24 hours.

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You should remember, that you can start installing the floor only when the desired amount of relative humidity is achieved. The system has to be tested for two weeks, and you need to check out for heating defects and problems during this time.

Underfloor heating systems come from a number of brands. They provide the necessary instructions for installing these floors. Get across to the reputed brands in order to get the floors. Before the installation begins, the owner or installer has to determine the specifications of the floor. The system ensures that the temperature in the room is maintained, ensuring an optimum level of comfort in the interiors. The percentage of moisture in the sub-floor, if any, has to be lesser than 4%. Click here to know more about these Technical aspects before installing the floor.


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