What to Know About Roof Work

Homeowners don’t give much thought to their roofs from day to day, and why would they? The roof is stable, and it’s static. It does its job and doesn’t ask for anything in return. Well with roofing in Paradise Valley, Arizona that is not the case especially when you have a roof leak. When this occurs you have to start thinking about all the possibilities of repairing or replacing that roof. Because it’s a job most people only have done every few decades – maybe once in their entire lives – it’s hard to know exactly what to expect from your roofing service.

If you have a good contractor, the team will prepare you as much as possible for the upcoming services, but you have to remember that they do this every day, so they may assume that you know something when, in fact, you don’t.

Here are a few things your roofer might forget to mention about the roof repair or replacement they are planning to do on your home:

  • They will tarp certain areas. If you have an uncovered garage, they should cover that area with a tarp, as well as an uncovered pool. Falling debris can damage these things and make them unsafe for you and your family. They should also cover up walkways with plywood or some other protective material.
  • You should move cars, boats or any other property that you don’t want to get damaged just in case roofing materials were to fall on them. There will also be a certain amount of dust involved in the project, which you can protect your vehicles from. Also, the roofing company will have a truck or container that they need to bring in and park close to the house so they can do away with trash.
  • It is by no means necessary, but an added precaution you can take is to remove pictures from the walls and breakables from shelves. It’s extremely unlikely that the roofing job will jostle your walls enough to move items in the house, but if you have very valuable items, it’s worth being extra sure. If you’re still on the fence, you can ask your roofer if this has ever been a problem for their team.
  • The roofing company has a giant magnet they can use to make sure they’ve gotten all the nails out of your yard. This will save you from stepping on one or getting a flat tire. Before they bill you, the contractor should bring a rolling magnet – or some other type – out to your house and go all around the yard making sure there are no nails left behind.
  • There will be a certain amount of noise and inconvenience on your part no matter how conscientious your roofing contractor is. You will hear them ripping off old roofing materials and hammering new ones into place. If you work outside of the home, you will probably miss most of this noise, but if you are home during the work, either be prepared to deal with it for a little while or have somewhere else to go during the crew’s working hours.

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